TV Streaming Service for laundromats

Atmosphere TV is an exciting new streaming service made for Aussie businesses just like yours!

Are you looking for an alternative to subtitled programs or day time TV? Take a break and switch over to Atmosphere TV today.

Atmosphere is now streaming in 30,000 business worldwide, across 20 countries! 

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Stream directly to the TVs in your laundromat


Atmosphere TV is the world’s first and leading streaming service for businesses.

Powered by a simple plug & play Apple TV device with the option to switch back to breaking news or sporting events.

Atmosphere TV currently has 64 channels (and counting), there is something to suit all businesses.


Foxtel and free to air TV programming was made for watching at home, with audio.

Atmosphere TV was designed specifically for businesses as a visual-only streaming service, where no sound is required.

All Atmosphere TV channels are audio-optional, which works great with your existing music setup in your business.


Cut your pay TV costs today. Businesses not only get all channels for free, but they also receive an enterprise grade Apple TV with Atmosphere pre-installed.

All channels are ad-supported which means it’s free to play in your business! These advertisements allow Atmosphere to remain affordable, similar concept to the free version of Spotify.

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Red Bull TV
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Paws TV
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So Yummy TV
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Blossom TV
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Join over 30,000 businesses worldwide across 20 countries

Ken Barrett
Golden Springs Laundry Services
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For the first time in a long time I have seen people actually watching the TVs in my laundromats. Even the kids will watch. What are they watching? Videos on Atmosphere. I have set mine on a playlist that includes a mixture of some extreme sports as well as calming videos.
Stacey Runfola
Owner Laundry Stop
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I have Atmosphere running at two of my locations. Installation was easy and the cost savings (Free!) are noticeable. As I looked for way to reduce my operating expenses without taking away from overall customer experience, this program was the right solution at the right time.

Atmosphere TV Pricing

There are two Atmosphere TV packages to choose from.

With our FREE package, there are no ongoing subscription fees. All channels are ad-supported which means it’s free to play in your business as long as you stream the service for 40 hours per month. The advertisements on Atmosphere TV allow the service to remain affordable, similar concept to the free version of Spotify.

Our PREMIUM package gives you access to the Digital Signage Manager. In just 4 easy steps, you can advertise your products & services on your screen in between the Atmosphere TV content. 

Both packages require a $199 fee for the Apple TV device that includes all 64 Atmosphere TV channels pre-loaded.


$ 0 free forever
  • Ad Supported Subscription
  • Enterprise-grade Apple TV*
  • Access all Atmosphere Channels^
  • Australian Based Technical Support


$ 99
per month*, billed annually

or $142 month-to-month

  • Ad Supported Subscription
  • Enterprise-grade Apple TV
  • Access all Atmosphere Channels
  • Australian Based Technical Support
  • Upload & schedule your own ads
             with the Digital Signage Manager
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